Half Peking Duck with 10 Pancakes and Duck Soup$25.95


Whole Peking Duck with 20 Pancakes and Duck Soup$45.95


TO-GO Whole Peking Duck with 20 Pancakes$35.95


10 Pancakes$5.00


What is Peking Duck

Many people have no idea about what is Peking duck? Peking duck is a Chinese dish of premium quality. It is the specialty in the Chinese foods. The Peking duck originated in Beijing or Peking area. It was served only at the banquets or important events. It is sufficient for 8-10 people on each table. The Peking duck is an expensive dish when compared to other Chinese foods. It is two times more expensive than the normal dishes at the banquet. The Peking duck is a treat for people. When Peking duck is served, it becomes a two main course dish over the Chinese banquet where 7 to 9 dishes are served. In this course, a single dish is shared by some people over the table in a family style. In this dish, the whole Peking Duck is roasted which makes the skin crispy, golden and makes it puffed up.
Now, let’s have a look at how is it prepared, served and how we eat it along with the pricing details?


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